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Faced with new technologies, newly empowered customers and ever evolving digital landscape, successful companies need genuine, customer centric digital transformation. LazyShepherd helps companies build their digital capabilities. Digital presence is an essential part of the modern successful organization. And the Digital presence needs to move along with the innovations, new social platforms and invogue mobile applications. The Digital strategy needs to find a way for the business to connect with the potential customers and be able to build an online brand equity.

LazySheperd team does exactly that for you. With our knowledge of internet, technical expertise and specialist units for SEO and SEM we keep our clients at the cutting edge of innovation and ensure that they harness all the benefits that should accrue by having an online presence

What is LazyShepherd Consultancy

It is a Digital strategy and innovation consultancy service. It caters to all that is connected and available on the internet.We are in the business of conceiving your brands digital strategy. We help build your digital strategy in line with your brand strengths and corporate goals.

We strategize to enhance your brands presence and outreach in the digital space.

What we Offer

Strategy Building


The following is done in Strategy building Phase

  • Gap Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Asset Development Planning
  • Social Media Marketing Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization Planning

Asset Development Involves:

  • Web Asset Development
  • Social Media Asset Development

Asset Development


Execution and Monitoring


This involves:

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Presence Management
  • Content Development
  • Bridging the Strategy to Execution Gap
  • Digital Strategy Monitoring
  • Social Media/ Internet Monitoring for Positive & Negative Comments
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