Frequently Asked Questions

What is LazyShepherd?

Lazy Shepherd is “Analytics Simplified”. It gathers data from website analytics software and social media platforms to offer you actionable insights from your data. It is a graphical dashboard. All the information is offered in an easy to understand and intuitive manner. Objective of LazyShepherd is to save your time, energy and cost of an analyst.

How is LazyShepherd different from Google Analytics?

LazyShepherd is not an Analytics tools, it is a data aggregator and your virtual analyst. LazyShepherd gathers information from all the data sources, Google Analytics being one of them, and offers our users an analytical view from all the data sources.

What Plan should I choose?

Actually if you are a single user than the Free plan will be best. But if you have multiple online properties and more than one team members to look after then than the choice of plans should be based on the team members.

How long does it take to get up and running with LazyShepherd?

It should take you hardly a couple of minutes after you login. It is a simple process, first to connect with the different services and then simply associate the respective fan pages and profiles to the websites. That is all. You will be done.

I am not using Google Analytics on my website, can I still use LazyShepherd?

Unfortuantely the answer to that would be NO. We do have all the capabilities of showing you the social platforms traffic and activities but we feel that with a website analytical data the whole picture will not be complete. At this point we are only intergrated with Google analytics for website traffic. If you are using any other software and would like us to integrate with them, then do let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Can I create users for other members of my Team?

Absolutely, you can create as many users as you want. You can also limit them to specific websites if you so desire.

How current is the data that is available on LazyShepherd?

Actually each time you login and see a visualization, the respective information is fetched from each of the data sources right there and then. Hence if there is a delay it is on the data owners site. In our experience the data is generally just a couple of hours old.

Will there be more features and visualisations added to LazyShepherd?

YES! ofcourse. This is just the start of a fantastic journey. We intend to add new visualisations that are relevant and pertinent. This will happen on a regular basis. Also the current visualisations will keep on improving. In addition if you would like to suggest a feature or visualation, do contact us with your suggestion.

Is there a discount if I pay for the whole year?

At this point we are offering a Huge 50% discount for the subscribers that want to pay upfront for the full year.