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Lazy Shepherd offers consolidation of data. Information from various sources like website analytics and major social media platforms is brought together to offer a singular view. Allowing our users access to all that is important via a single tool.


Lazy Shepherd simplifies your information. It takes out the redundant and offers only the relevant. This simplification leads to only relevant and actionable insights. No redundant information is provided. Only the KPI’s that offer insights are offered.

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Lazy Shepherd is intuitive, easy to understand. Offers a single view for insights into all the information. It is your fast track visual information guide to all that is relevant and necessary. Lazy Shepherd saves time, increases efficiency and enhances online presence.

Short Graphical Dashboard

Offers short graphical dashboard to get your

  • Traffic Overview
  • Find out about social popularity
  • Gauge your site health
  • Figure out your most interesting content
  • Get to know your traffic sources & their patterns
  • Find out your social traffic patterns
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For Web Property Owners

Work Smarter, Be more efficient, Be more Effective.

This Tool is designed for Website owners, gives you command of your website. Provides you information that you need. Offers actionable insights that led you decide in an instant. Lazy Shepherd saves time, increases efficiency and makes the online presence more effective.

Simple and Easy to Use

With Lazy Shepherd, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or an online traffic analyst. Lazy Shepherd does all the analysis for you. Making sure that you get the relevant information that is not redundant. Lazy Shepherd is intuitive, easy to use and designed to decipher the online data.

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Single View Information

Single view information in a Visual Dashboard. Lazy Shepherd combines all your analytics in a single location. First of all it eliminates the need to logon into multiple systems to get information and secondly it eliminates the need for churning numbers. The visual dashboard offers information in a smart intuitive manner.

Insightful Information

Insightful information provides clues for Improvement. Lazy Shepherd brings forward the information that is generally dug deep in data.

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Custom KPI's

Lazy Shepherd offers custom KPI’s that are relevant and allow our users to keep track of their performance in a meaningful manner. These unique KPI’s have been developed for the website owners, executives and companies that crave stronger online presence.